beyerdynamic on world tour!

Three continents, 20 countries, 30 cities: follow the artists Andi Pomato and Paula Maria Lembo around the world with #foxwashere


Andi Pomato and Paula Maria Lembo will connect with other musicians for live music sessions and stage performances, having the mobile recording studio FOX always on site. On their journey, they will build an international fan base, show real-life stories, play numerous gigs, collect pictures and impressions and give intense insights into life on the road. And the world can join them.


It is that magical moment when music touches hearts. A melody coursing through the ears and the entire body. When thoughts suddenly rest and only emotions come up. You intently listen to the music and travel into your own self. That experience, when a song speaks directly from your heart. It says more than a thousand words and bears the power to change everything.

Music connects people across continents. It is the only language understood by everyone. It shares joy and pain. It heals broken hearts, builds everlasting friendships and expresses true love. Its energy changes the world for the better. It creates a world in which we dance and laugh together and simply enjoy the moment. Music takes a stand and makes you believe in realizing your dreams.

Andi Pomato will enter the stages of the world and record songs in the streets of the cities. Be close to the fans. Feel the freedom. Experience the thrill. Flow with the music. Paula Maria Lembo will capture the magic moments with her camera when Andi’s music meets open minds and hearts.

Provided with an Around the World ticket, Andi and Paula begin their journey on 15th May in the world’s largest music metropolis: London. They meet music fans in other European cities and then face one of the most exciting music and film industries in the world in the colourful streets of Bollywood. From the crazy metropolises of Southeast Asia, they move on to the North American west coast, following in the footsteps of the greatest stars on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. In Middle America they feel the rhythm of passion before they return to Europe. The final steps of the tour take them to the most important artist centres of southern Europe, celebrating the festival season upon the tour’s conclusion in London on 10th August.

Andi Pomato
Paula Maria Lembo

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