Avid PlayMaker

По запитване

Avid PlayMaker

Capture the action

Stay on top of every sports highlight or breaking news story and turn around content ultra-fast. Designed to meet the challenges of today’s most stressful studio and remote productions, PlayMaker is a versatile ingest/playout solution that enables you to create slow-motion replays, highlight reels, and news updates instantly. Ingest feeds around the clock, so you always have access to the latest media. And with easy Interplay | Production and Avid MediaCentral Platform integration, PlayMaker is the most cost-effective way to enable collaboration and streamline your workflow.

When it comes to covering live sports or news, viewers have high expectations. You’ve got to turn around footage of the big plays or stories fast if you want to keep them engaged. With PlayMaker, you can turn captured media feeds into exciting sports replays or news stories instantly. Quickly edit together compelling playlists to present pregame teasers, game highlights, postgame wrap-ups, or different angles to tell the best story.

With PlayMaker, you can share ingested material across your entire Interplay | Productionenvironment to speed up turnaround time. Ingest multiple streams to Avid NEXIS storage in real time, making media instantly available for “Edit While Capture” operation to Interplay | Production, MediaCentral | UX, and Media Composer users. Or record all feeds 24/7, enabling teams to get immediate access to any acquired footage in seconds for maximum collaborative efficiency.

With the ability to continuously ingest multiple feeds, you’ll always have the footage you need to present different angles of a key play or a breaking news story the second it happens. You can set PlayMaker to Cyclic (loop-record) mode, with each clipped item automatically protected, or segment your recordings into discrete and easy-to-identify “sessions.”

PlayMaker offers RAID 6-protected internal storage, as well as USB and direct network connections for transferring media to and from external storage devices such as USB drives, NAS, SAN, and Avid NEXIS. That means you can use your current infrastructure without additional—and costly—intermediate software and hardware. And it integrates with Interplay | Production and other MediaCentral Platform solutions, enabling teams to share media, maximizing efficiency.

Product Description

New features

Enable collaboration with Interplay | Production—just added

PlayMaker offers new collaborative workflows to share material across production. Use PlayMaker NetStream Engine to ingest streams to Avid NEXIS in real time, making “Edit While Capture” operation available to Interplay | Production, MediaCentral | UX, and Media Composer users. Or record all feeds 24/7, giving teams instant access to any footage acquired hours before, with the ability to set in/out points, tag, and automate export to Avid NEXIS and check in to Interplay immediately.

Generate visual interest with FlexFX

With the unique FlexFX feature, you can easily create visually compelling content quickly. Punch up the look of your highlight packages by adding a variety of stunning visual effects, wipes, and transitions in real time. Use fill/key content as transitions between playlist elements or as an overall treatment to change the look of your clips. And use your favorite graphics creation tools to brand and stylize content in an infinite number of ways.

Transition to UHD and video over IP—coming soon

Modernize your media replay and highlights editing workflow with support for UHD (ultra-high-definition) media, coming soon to PlayMaker. And with upcoming support for video and graphics over IP, you can use your existing Ethernet infrastructure to ingest, edit, and play back content easily—without costly infrastructure upgrades.

Power production with the PlayMaker server

Get a complete file-based workflow

No need for additional hardware. With PlayMaker, all transfer intelligence required for export and import is housed directly on the server. Simply drop it into your existing network infrastructure and connect via Ethernet. You can move files to all common file systems and even set PlayMaker to be a direct Avid NEXIS/ISIS client. You can also stage and import content from editing and graphics creation systems, or automate this action by setting up a “watch folder.”

Switch up your I/O with robust reliability

PlayMaker enables you to ingest up to eight channels of high-quality HD-SDI video through its compact 3U server chassis. Even better? The I/O is fully flexible, so you can switch from a 4 in/4 out configuration to a 6 in/2 out—or any other configuration—within minutes. It’s also designed for 24/7 operation, with full RAID protection and dual power supplies, providing the hardware robustness you need in the studio or in an OB truck.

Get super slow motion camera support

Want to analyze the action frame-by-frame or slow things down for dramatic effect? PlayMaker supports a variety of high frame rate cameras—including those that provide 2, 3, 4, and 6 times normal speed—so you can create super slow motion clips at the absolute highest visual quality. Plus, you can seamlessly mix high frame rate clips and standard frame rate clips into the same playlist.

Gain flexible audio configuration

PlayMaker provides eight audio channels for each of the recorded video channels and allows for full audio routing per input. Audio data is stored uncompressed, and Dolby E is fully preserved for the highest quality. And if you operate in an analog audio or digital AES environment, optional audio I/O breakout boxes are also available.

Get flexibility now and for future use

With the PlayMaker NetStream engine, you can record all ingested feeds on both your server’s internal storage and an external drive at the same time. Use the recordings on your internal storage to provide instant replays and for fast highlight editing. NetStream exports can be wrapped as a QuickTime or MXF file (including Avid native MXF OP-Atom) in real time, making it instantly available for post-production opportunities.

Take command with the PlayMaker controller

Control playback with a touch

The PlayMaker Controller is intelligently designed to enhance your workflow. Get fast access to server controls and configuration tools through the 5.7-inch color touchscreen. Scroll, navigate, select, edit, assign, present, save, and export clips using an assortment of illuminated tactile buttons and the configurable jog wheel and T-bar. And access a variety of functions using user-programmable LCD buttons that change according to the server’s status.

Instantly edit highlights

No need for separate video editing software. PlayMaker offers built-in editing tools so you can edit and present the biggest plays or breaking news stories fast—all from one system. Trim clips, change their position in the playlist, switch camera angles, and set different playout speeds and transitions to elevate mere media into compelling content. PlayMaker can manage up to six active playlists at a time and up to 100 total playlists.

Tag clips for faster finding and playout

To make content easier to sort and locate, SmartEvents helps you add rich, descriptive metadata to clips with better relevancy and consistency. Each new clip can be tagged with multiple events from six different categories, with 25 tags in each category. You can then search by keywords and turn sorted clips into a playlist with a single button press, enabling you to respond instantly to any production request—even the unforeseen ones.

Accelerate highlight editing in the studio

When working in a studio environment, PlayMaker offers a dedicated work mode that enables you to edit highlights of multiple playlists from multiple incoming feeds quickly. This studio mode significantly accelerates operation, improves productivity, and enhances the overall quality of your final results.

Increase your productivity with Pivot

PlayMaker comes with Pivot, a Windows-based controller interface that offers additional tools to boost your productivity. Create playlists quickly without requiring an output channel. Manage clips and import/export files easily using the drag-and-drop interface. Pivot is also ideal for external loggers, as it interacts with the PlayMaker Controller, automatically focusing on the last created clip to simplify logging tasks.

Export clips your way

PlayMaker supports different export workflows to best match your production’s needs. Each clip can be exported for one selected angle or from all recorded angles. You can set PlayMaker to automatically export every new clip, only clips within a given range, or select clips manually. And when exporting a playlist, you can choose whether to export the playlist clips as separate files or consolidate them into one.

Collaborate across production pipelines

Share video clips across your network

Because multiple PlayMaker systems can be connected across a network, you can collaborate with other operators—or even sister stations—to ensure you’ve got the media coverage you need. With a click of a button, you can engage any remote PlayMaker server on your network. Once connected, you can then access its clips list and browse, preview, copy, and play back the clip you need instantly.

Manage your media effectively

It’s easy to capture vast amounts of content; managing it all is another story. With the SmartEvents engine, you can quickly apply sophisticated metadata to clips in a simple and reliable manner, making it easy for any PlayMaker operator on your network to find and get content to air fast as stories change. Because all metadata is saved with the content, your team can collaborate even when PlayMaker media is sent to craft editing or archive.