Free Fat Channel Collection V1 for all StudioLive S Series mixers and StudioLive Rack Mixers

Any customer who purchased and registered a StudioLive Series III S console or StudioLive rack mixer (StudioLive 32SC, StudioLive 32SX, StudioLive 32S, StudioLive 64S, StudioLive 16R, StudioLive 24R, StudioLive 32R) after July 1, is eligible to receive the full Fat Channel Collection FREE ($500 value)!
  • StudioLive 64S
  • StudioLive 32S
  • StudioLive 32SX
  • StudioLive 32SC
  • StudioLive 32R
  • StudioLive 24R
  • StudioLive 16R

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