23.25″x23.25″x6″ diffusor
Minimum quantity for order 4 pcs.

Made from a lightweight-yet-sturdy high-impact thermoplastic, T’Fusor Sound Diffusors beat the performance of competing sound diffusors hands down and offer massive cost-savings to boot! These Class A fire-rated diffusion panels work well in most commercial uses. T’Fusors drop easily into ceiling grids and are wall mountable with pushpins, staples, nails, Tubetak, Velcro or 2-sided tape. They’re white in color but may be easily painted by brush or spray. T’Fusors impart a sense of controlled spaciousness and work best when mounted with a varying alignment of the „T“ pattern. Improved broadband diffusion can be achieved by filling the cavity we designed into the back of the T’Fusor Diffusor with acoustic foam or 1″ rigid fiberglass.


• Lightweight-yet-sturdy thermoplastic construction
• Combat hot spots and nulls by alleviating flat, reflective room surfaces with
scientifically-designed surfaces of varying shapes, sizes and angles
• Standing waves and flutter echoes are obliterated without removing
acoustic energy from the space or changing the frequency content of the
• T’Fusors can enlarge your sweetspot and impart a sense of depth and
spaciousness to your sound
• The best diffusors in the industry at a cost-effective price


• Drops easily into suspended ceiling grids
• Use in Residential Theaters, Concert Halls, Recording Studios, or
Houses of Worship
• Improve broadband diffusion by filling the back cavity with
acoustic foam or 1” rigid fiberglass


• 23¾” square x 6” thick

Box Information

• (4) per box, minimum (min. covers 16 sq. ft.)
• Box size of 24.5” x 24.5” x (12-16”)


• Adhesives: Tubetak Pro Liquid Adhesive
• Mechanical fasteners (e.g., T-pins, tacks, nails, etc.)


• White only (easily paintable by brush or spray paint)

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