12″ Cornerfill, 1 – 1’x1’x2′ piece, Burgundy

12″ CornerFill Foam, 24″ Long

CornerFills are sections of flat-cut Studiofoam corner acoustic absorbers that are beneficial in two ways. Aesthetically, they give you smooth, clean edges against which to butt your acoustic wall treatments and acoustic foam bass traps for a more professional appearance. Acoustically, they smooth out the excess low frequency energy that congregates in room corners.


CornerFills available in 2″x2″x24″, 3″x3″x24″, 4″x4″x24″, and 12″x12″x24″ sizes


Packages of each size include the following quantities: 2″-36, 3″-16, 4″-9, 12″-1