One forstreet is the first battery-powered amplifiers of Acus One family. This product has a similar sound quality of other Acus One family products even when it works without mains power (powered by internal battery), very unusual characteristic for an amplifier. Ideal for street musicians, that usually play in place without mains power. Audio quality, compact size and high energy efficiency (it could plays for more than 7 hours in quite all uses with full-charged internal battery) make it a product very all-around and interesting product.

Frequency responce : 60 Hz – 20 kHz,  Max Power out: 80W rms, System format: 1 way amp,  Sensitivy: 92 dB, SPL Max: 108 dB, Woofer size: 6”, Tweeter: Compression tweeter, Box: 2 way bass reflex , Construction: plywood , Weight: 15 Kg. , Dimensions:  height: 36,5 cm, width: 26,4 cm, depth: 29 cm