API Audio The Channel Strip


API Audio The Channel Strip

  • 2520 Opamp, API 512 C mic preamp, 527 compressor, redesign of the famous 550A EQ (3 bands, each with 7 selectable frequencies)
  • Stereo bus with rotary control solo, SIP, mute, insert, polarity and compressor link
  • Free patching on the back
  • External fader jack
  • Three 7 segment LED VU displays
  • Int. power supply

Product Description

Further information

Channels 1
Number of microphone inputs 1
Instrument input Yes
Tubes No
Compressor/Limiter Yes
Equalizer Yes
De-Esser No
Phantom power Yes
Phase Reverse Yes
External effect loops Yes
Analogue Outputs XLR, jack
Digitale Outputs None
Headphone connection No
Level Meter Yes

Additional Information