API Audio Tranzformer GT


API Audio Tranzformer GT

Bring the API Sound to Your Guitar Rig

Guitarists are stoked about the API TranZformer GT guitar pedal/direct box. Combining a classic API 525 feedback-style compressor circuit with inductor-based 3-band EQ styled after the legendary API 553 program equalizer, the TranZformer GT makes it easier than ever to sculpt your tone to perfection. The TranZformer GT is housed in a robust, road-worthy casing fitted with balanced and unbalanced outputs. Other features include separate gain and level controls, individual footswitches for tone and compression activation, polarity invert switches on each output, a ground lift, clipping indicator, transformer output, and naturally, that classic API sound.


Product Description

API TranZformer GT Guitar Pedal/Direct Box Features:

  • Road-worthy casing, balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/4″ hi-Z) outputs
  • Separate gain and level controls
  • individual footswitches for tone and compression activation
  • Gain range (+9 to +30dB)
  • +/-15dB of boost and cut at 200Hz (peaking), 1.5kHz (peaking), and 5kHz (shelving)
  • Phase (polarity) invert switches on each output
  • Ground lift
  • Clipping indicator
  • Transformer output
  • Hardwire bypass switch
  • Included power supply

Additional Information