EASE Address

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Is the unique design verification software package that enables system designers to accurately position, model and confirm ceiling distributed speaker systems utilising Tannoy loudspeaker products. Unlike conventional 2D ceiling speaker software, EASE Address allows for complex room shapes with varying ceiling heights. EASE Address models the direct sound output of distributed systems in two dimensions, using the acoustical calculation engine behind EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers); the industry standard for sound reinforcement modelling.


The purpose of EASE Address is to provide both the end user, who needs to quickly develop a simple design for a ceiling loudspeaker system, as well as the sound designer, with a tool that allows the easy and quick prediction of the system performance in a given space. The functionality of EASE Address has been developed from EASE, the professional electro and room acoustic simulation software developed by ADA (Acoustic Design Ahnert) Berlin, Germany.


Each Tannoy ceiling product is included in the programmes file library as GLL system definition files (.GLL). These files are created by means of the EASE SpeakerLab software and contain the data that defines a loudspeaker with regard to its geometrical and acoustical properties. Tannoy loudspeakers are independently measured at NWAA Labs, CA.


Constant-Voltage networks like 70 V and 100 V, including tap settings and power sum calculation
Noise level entry and S/N mapping
Import and export of EASE project files
New auto-arrange option for SPL variation over the grid
Mapping can be saved (after completed) along with the project
Create print version now supports RTF and PDF
Cursors can be used to show level values in mapping, also relatively to the reference cursor
All graphs can be copied to the clipboard or file (use File menu or RMB)
Allows copying floor/ceiling images from existing room to new room
English and German program version and help files